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Charlotte's Philosophy

  • I believe joy is our birthright and should be experienced daily.  When it's shut off, we become heavy and miss the magic (opportunities) right before our eyes.  

  • I believe there's beauty and a unique dream, called a purpose, in every soul. We just have to get still (joyful) long enough to catch a glimpse of it.  

  • I am committed to dancing off beat, laughing gleefully, and singing horribly off key because love, healing and self empowerment require compassion and complete acceptance. 

  • I want to create a world that has the courage to release society's weight.  So there's freedom to relax, recharge and live our unique purpose.

When we have the courage to do what makes our hearts truly sing, we gift the world with what no one else can provide. We all deserve the opportunity to shine our light on the world.  And, we can't do that if we're walking in someone else's shoes or following in someone else's footsteps.  It's time to chart our own waters and navigate our own ships.  This brand and its products are the result of being tired of letting someone else take the lead and finally having the courage to be powerful.