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Our Beliefs

We often speak of slave labor as some unfortunate foreign problem that only happens in sweatshops and doesn’t really impact us.  We allow consumerism to justify greed and exploitation - which ingrains the belief that, in order to have what we want, some poor unfortunate soul deserves to be taken advantage of.   But, what about the makers and artisans at home?  What about the skilled craftsmen toiling away to create something magical for you?   And, what about the small business owners trying to pay a fair living wage to their employees?  

Never before in history have I witnessed consumers demanding sweatshop prices from American businesses.  Is it because we no longer take pride in what we do? Is it because we’re inundated with too much cheap crap?  Or, is it because we’ve underestimated the pull those prices have on our mental bottom line?  It’s time we master our craft, take pride in our work, and make products based on the principles of quality, integrity and longevity.  Because if we don’t, who will? 

It’s time we bring it back to the beginning and see makers as we see ourselves, because when injustice happens at home, it becomes harder to ignore.  We are for committed people who are conscious about what they buy, where they buy, and why they buy. 

  • We believe happy, well paid people make great products that have an  energy you can feel
  • We have a slower manufacturing process that’s not focused on  bulk, waste, and overconsumption 
  • We make natural, toxin free, products that have a small carbon footprint
  • We believe in a return to craftsmanship. Our products are investments designed to outlast you