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About Charlotte

Charlotte Aquarius is a self taught watercolor artist and illustrator hailing from New Orleans, La.  Her namesake stationery and home goods brand, Charlotte Aquarius, was created to empower you to live a more beautiful, enriched and fulfilled life.  Colorfully described as playful realism, her brand and illustrative style are fun, carefree and not overly fussed over… because life’s too short for perfectionism.  

Charlotte has degrees in both Psychology and Industrial Design.  She's an advocate for releasing society's restrictions of what's probable, having the courage to discover your own path, and being your true, unfiltered and authentic self. This brand is the result of soul searching, facing internalized fear, and finally having the courage to let the truth be seen & heard.  We all have a voice that's waiting to be acknowledged.  Charlotte's greatest joy is to lead you toward that same internal voice nudging you home.  

Before launching her wallpaper and stationery brand, Charlotte was a handbag and shoe designer.  Charlotte's also the owner of Harley London, an eco-conscious design and manufacturing company.  Learn more about Charlotte here #1, #2#3, #4, #5.