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My Story - Sometimes the truth hurts!

Posted by Charlotte Henry on

No matter what happens, don’t let anyone break you.  Most people don’t know this, but last year I was extremely suicidal.  The only sign of a good day was convincing myself not to jump off the ledge of my 30 story apartment building.  

I won a multi-million dollar contract three years ago, formed a partnership with a company that didn’t have my best interest (although, at the time I didn’t know it), and allowed circumstances to convince me to let them get acquired by another company, with even less interest in me and my business.  That decision sent me spiraling out of control as I learned how dirty politics and big businesses join forces to return order to the status quo.  I watched 3 years of my hard work dismantle in a matter of months.  And, I was done!  I felt alone, small and hopeless.  It’s truly a miracle that I’m still here.

I moved away, but my problems followed me.  I had to learn there is no healing without truth.  And, there was no truth without first facing my demons.  I was a low vibration avoider… meaning, I became so spiritual that I evaded anything that wasn’t happy, positive and carefree.  But, the demons reveal your beauty and your light, if you’re receptive enough to see all of it.  And, that’s when the journey begins. 

I thought money was my solution to everything, but I had to realize I’m my solution.  The problem was, I let go of what I wanted to be and I followed other people’s plans for me. Those were the most unhappy 3 years of my life because I was trying to prove myself by removing myself.  I’ve been bullied, lied to, intimidated, manipulated, and discriminated against.  And, I’m still here!  What that situation taught me was my voice, vision, mission and dreams matter.  I’m determined to create a business the way I want it to be.  Fuck anyone else’s controlling opinions.  Did that, done that shit!  If cussing turns you off, i’m clearly not the one for you!!

I’m more honest about who I am, what I want, and what I believe because I was muted.  So, setting clear boundaries, being 100% my fucking self, not fitting in, and not playing small for anyone anymore; those are my bare minimums. 

We all deserve to shine! We all deserve to fly! And, we all deserve to be gifted new wings when the old ones are torn, burned or severely beaten up!  You can pick up the pieces, I’m proof of that.  And, you can create something bigger, better and more beautiful than ever before, but you’ve gotta believe being 100% you is the best fit. And, you’ve gotta be ok with the time it takes to build some thing truly magical.  But hey, what do I know?  I’m just a woman - with a brand who believes the world could be a better place, in spite of all that I’ve gone through.  

The truth isn’t always pretty, but it’s necessary for change.  We’ve gotta be willing to do the hard work and face the darkness in each and every one of us.  I repeat, we’ve gotta be able to see, heal and release our individual bias and stand up for what’s right.  When we don’t do or say something because we fear what others will say, when we mute ourselves because we’re afraid of losing comfort, when we remain silent because we’re the only ones we know who will stand up, and we know standing up means we’ll be persecuted too… we became complicit!  When we laugh at, taunt and mock the ones who are being tortured and abused - we become weaker and we lose a huge chunk of our humanity.  I won’t be silenced anymore.  We are all one people, and many nations under Gods (a force that great can’t be stuffed into just one story)!

This message is for all the sleeping giants, who think they’re weaklings.  Stand up brave souls, RISE and become strong unbreakable forces to be reckoned with.  Warriors, star seeds, rainbow and indigo children this is your wake up call to action. 

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